Located a short drive from downtown Oshawa and within 60 minutes from Toronto, the Oshawa Clay and Target Club boasts some of the finest facilities in Durham region for those wishing to enjoy the multi discipline sport of target shooting in safe and family friendly environment.

Please see below for more information on our facilities.

General Safety Rules

Clay Fields (Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, and Sporting Clays):

Shotguns Permitted:

  • Caliber – 12-guage, 20-guage, 28-guage, and .410
  • Type – over/under, side-by-side, semi-automatic, and pump action
  • Barrel Length – Minimum 24 inches


  • 2-3/4 inch, target loads
  • Shot size 7-1/2, 8, or 9
  • Target loads only – Hunting loads are not permitted

Eye and ear protection must be worn by all shooters and spectators.

A maximum of two (2) shells may be loaded in the shotgun at any time except on the trap fields where only one (1) shell is allowed.

“From The Hip” shooting is not permitted. Shotguns must be fired from the shoulder.

Pistol grips are not allowed.

Shotguns may not be loaded until the shooter is on the shooting station and prepared to shoot.

Shotgun slings are not permitted. Members must carry their firearms with the action open when not in use.

Rifle & Handgun Range:

Federally prohibited firearms and ammunition are NOT allowed at the Rifle or Handgun Range

Eye and ear protection must be worn by all shooters and spectators.

The rifle/handgun range gate is controlled by a Gate Access Card. Members must always tap the card reader upon entry — even if the gate the open. The gate will not open to exit if it has not been tapped to enter.

The first six (6) positions on the left are used for handgun shooting only. The other positions cannot be used for handguns.

Handgun shooters may use the 25- and 50- yard ranges only.

The use of holsters is prohibited on the handgun range.

Shooters shall only fire at approved targets such as paper targets on the backboards or club-installed metal gongs. Do not fire at target stands or frames.

At the rigle/handgun range, shotguns can only be used with rifle slugs. Shot shells (birdshot) can only be used at the clay ranges/fields.

Safety tables are provided for handguns behind the appropriate handgun positions. Ammunition is not allowed on the safety tables. All ammuniation must be placed on the bench at the firing point.

Do not leave live rounds on the range floor. If you drop a live round, retrieve it and if necessary, place it in the proper disposal container.